Knowledge of fundaments of each student is assessed in all subjects at the time of admission through our Scholarship Test as well as one-to-one interaction with our coordinator and teachers.

Based upon the feedback gained, the students are apprised about their strengths and weakness with special focus on subjects/topics on which hard work is required. The faculty also records weak areas of students to enable them to lay more stress while teaching and also to gauge student’s improvement while learning.

For the teaching and assessment process, we have devised a Seven Step Concurrent Teaching Methodology which is as follows:

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the basics of every student are nurtured from fundamentals to expertise. In this exercise our teachers assist every student personally to clear doubts about the basics, so that he/she is able to apply them to all types of problem solving.

The learning of each student is analysed by checking his/her application of concepts in solving problems of varied degrees of difficulty, and the weaker areas are then strengthened by making them understand the concepts once again and further applying them to a new set of problems.

Our teaching methodology lays stress on Sequence Synchronization through which the students are taught in order of their learning activities by prioritizing which sections are to be covered first so that they can be used in the second stage and so on.

Emphasis is laid on regular Concept Booster sessions in which students are given problems which require application of 4-5 concepts. This checks the knowledge of various concepts as well as their ability of using related concepts in one go to crack the seemingly difficult problems.

As the learning process moves ahead, routine tests on our AI Enabled Online Platform are given to students. Besides providing ample practice on every topic, these tests assess the performance of students and identifies their areas which require more learning and practice.

We encourage students to give more and more practice tests enabling us to gather regular information about their performance, so that our faculty can make a customized and dedicated improvement plan for every student through which they can spruce up their weak areas and move forward.

A large number of practice test papers are provided in each subject for getting ongoing practice till the exams, which besides strengthening their preparation, also boosts their confidence, thus making them ready to face the actual exam with high spirits.

Our Seven Step Teaching Methodology miraculously helps students in preparing, tackling and winning in any exam – be it IIT-JEE, NEET or Board Exams.