Foundation Course

For Students of Classes 9th & 10th

This course develops a strategic foundation for young students who are aware that starting early is the key to achieve their goal of attaining high ranks in the prestigious IIT-JEE / NEET and other Engineering / Medical Entrance Exams.

Besides laying strong foundation for the competitive exams, this course also prepares students to attain high marks in their board exams.

In this program, we start with the initial level understanding of any topic, followed by definitions and real-life examples, and as the students start to grasp the topic, we take them to the advanced level.

Our experienced faculty members ensure that the students get well prepared with the basics and fundamentals, thus ensuring that they can move on to the competitive-level preparations from Class 10th onwards.

Salient Features

  • The program is targeted towards students who understand the need for an early start to success in school and competitive exams.
  • The program targets both – Competitive Exams (Engineering/Medical) as well as preparation for Board Exams.
  • Our teachers take great care to initiate basic concepts in the students and thereafter smoothly transit to a higher and complex level of problem-solving; a must-have capability for competing in IIT-JEE/NEET and other entrance exams.
  • The program equips the students with an excellent foundation of conceptual knowledge, analytical thinking, logical analysis, and problem-solving skills, thus instilling confidence to crack these prestigious exams.
  • On several occasions, surprise tests are conducted to analyse the performance level of students, thereby encouraging the student to be prepared at all times and put in dedicated efforts throughout their preparation.