As a student learns various concepts and fundamentals, routine tests are required to consolidate his learning as well as to assess the preparation levels.

But in our long standing experience, we have noticed that most candidates spend a lot of time in learning and are left with little time for taking tests.

This is where our assessment process can help strengthen your preparation.

Aspire Lessons Coaching Institute takes pride in introducing its innovative AI Enabled Learning and Testing Platform – a practice based learning tool personalized for every student.

This unique platform, besides making the learning process easy, assists students in making assessment of their preparation while at the same time making them aware of the areas in which they need more practice.

The teachers get a proper feedback on their dashboard regarding performance of each and every student thereby working with each student individually on sprucing up preparation in their weak topics in every subject.

Our AI Enabled Learning and Testing Platform has well researched bunch of thousands of problems in each subject, making it one of the largest compendium of questions for IIT-JEE / NEET as well as 10th/12th Board Exams, covering full syllabus with variations in level of difficulty.

We suggest the candidates to take as many tests as possible, because the more tests a student takes, the Artificial Intelligence Testing System gathers more information and helps predict the problem areas with greater accuracy.

As you get struck up in a question, conceptual hints are provided by the system, and if you are still unable to solve the question, you can get complete solution for the same. You can learn about your mistakes and move forward to the next question.

While you take the tests, the platform captures and records your data about the number of questions you attempted, how many answers were correct, average time you spent on each question and much more.

As your data builds up, the platform analyses it and creates a Personal Improvement Plan for each student as per his/her strengths and weaknesses, prompting him/her to revisit the weak areas and relearn the concepts, to improve his/her performance levels.

This unique technology driven platform is designed to provide the most effective and efficient study practice, ushering in a new era of education.